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Toboggan Run


Toboggan Run…meet Sonofa Gunofa Run format. 5.8k loop. 1 hour to complete it. Continue for 8 hours if you want/can…then race for the 9th and final lap for a total of 52.2k. This is NSTR’s first winter race! What will Mother Nature bring?!

Salmon Run


The first trail running event in the Highlands National Park!! Come check out this super fun 2 days of running on 2 different trails near Cheticamp!

Day 1: Salmon Pools Trail (10k with 130m of vert)

Day 2: Acadian Trail (9k with 380m of vert)

Check it out!!

Wascally Wabbit


Come to Folly Lake, NS for a 20k out and back race or a 31k loop that’s done once, twice (62k), or three times (93k). This course is a great mix of everything: gravel roads, buffed out ATV trails, some rocky bits, puddle jumping and brook crossings!

Sunofa Gunofa Run


Five Islands Provincial Park has a very nice 5.8k loop that you’ll do repeatedly. Every hour. On the hour. For up to 28 hours. Yes, this is an elimination race of sorts that will push you mentally and physically, but it’s also the most fun and social race of the year that is guaranteed to sell out long before race day.

Capes 100

August 14-15, 2021 (hopefully)!

Run atop the spectacular Mabou Highlands and along the waters of the Atlantic Ocean

Run on trails that will both inspire and challenge you.

Beaches, streams, and spectacular vistas.

Cape Mabou. Foot Cape. Cape Breton.

Welcome to the Capes 100.

Beat to Snot


Super sweet singletrack (plus many other excellent trails that barely touch the open ski runs) at Ski Wentworth! Don’t be afraid…everybody walks up most of these hills, not just you!

This is a 9.5k loop that’s done once or twice (19k) and features roughly 675m of vert per loop.

Cape Split


The trail out to Cape Split is known to be one of the most popular day hikes in Nova Scotia and now, it will one of the most popular trail running races around! Take note that due to the limited space for parking, this race is capped at 100 runners.

Flyin' Nutz


Wanna do 10.359k of flowy and twisty singletrack just outside Halifax? Come on out to our last event of the season for a race that will also sell out before race day…so register early.