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We pride ourselves in being an all-inclusive group where nobody gets left behind by themselves. These “runs” are very social with frequent stops every few minutes. If you don’t know the route and you’re looking to run off the front, you’re probably going to miss some turns because ‘someone’ will let you run the wrong way until you clue in to look back for the rest of the group!

Expect lots of “stop and go” chatting and 6-10k in 1h10m to 1h30m.

Please have read through our ‘suggested gear’ list before coming out.

 *All runs start at 6PM…all year round!

*This is a group run, so that means we all stick together. If you run off the front and miss a turn, you’re on your own.

*Bringing a pack with food/drink, jacket, headlamp, etc is recommended.

July 23, 2020 – RONA Tantallon (near Sobeys) – Park between McDonalds and RONA

July 30 – Bluff Trail – 2890 St Margarets Bay Rd, Timberlea

Aug 6 – Bowater Gate/Flyin Nutz parking lot – 200m past “5 Hiking Trail Road, St. Margarets Bay”

Aug 13 – Kearney Lake – 150 Colins Road, Bedford

Aug 20 – 10 Station Road, Head St. Margarets Bay (park at Unicorn Theatre).

Aug 27 – RONA

Sept 3 – Bluff Trail

Sept 10 – Bowater

Sept 17 – Kearney Lake

Sept 24 – Station Rd

Oct 1 – RONA

Oct 8 – Bluff Trail

Oct 15 – Ballfield Road, Tantallon (drive in past the houses and park just before the gate — only ~250m off of Peggy’s Cove Rd).

Oct 22 – Bowater

Oct 29 – Kearney Lake

Nov 5 – Station Rd

Nov 12 – RONA

Nov 19 – Bluff Trail

Nov 26 – Ballfield Road

Dec 3 – Bowater

Dec 10 – Kearney Lake

Dec 17 – Station Rd


Jan 7 to April 1st – Hill Repeats…trail conditions permitting. Location: 15 Station Road, Head of SMB.