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We pride ourselves in being an all-inclusive group where nobody gets left behind by themselves. These “runs” are very social with frequent stops every few minutes. If you don’t know the route and you’re looking to run off the front, you’re probably going to miss some turns because ‘someone’ will let you run the wrong way until you clue in to look back for the rest of the group!

Please have read through our ‘suggested gear’ list before coming out. Make note of our “Lefty’s” nights every 6 weeks or so!

 *All runs start at 6PM…all year round!

*This is a group run, so that means we all stick together.

*Bringing a pack with food/drink, jacket, headlamp, etc is recommended.

Every Thursday, January through to April, we plan to do hill repeats at 15 Station Road, Head of St. Margarets Bay…trail conditions permitting. Watch the NSTR FB page for updates each week.